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Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones 1981 American Tour

Starting with the creation of a 90-page biography on The Rolling Stones, I was inspired to re-design The Rolling Stones 1981 American Tour.  The re-design includes poster and program booklet design, an album design for the live show which features a self-animating record, and set design.

All They Can Remember
A 90 page biography documenting the band's journey from its formation to the present

RS book.jpg
RS layout 2.jpg

Concert Re-Design
Moving forward from the creation of All They Can Remember, I chose to redesign the Stones's 1981 American Tour due to its epic reception and a personal connection through talking with my father about his experience there. Shown below is the gatefold album design which includes a self-animating record, a poster design, and a concert booklet.

RS record.jpg

Self-Animating Record
The printed record displays a hand that rocks with you as you listen to the vinyl. Seen below, the album sleeve acts as a view finder revealing the animation.

RS record2.jpg


Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 3.36.26 PM.png

Poster (left) and Program Booklet (right)